Snacking Smart While Traveling with the Family

May 16, 2015  |   Petra Canan Trudell
travel bag filled with Ella's Kitchen pouches and blueprint juice.
Photo Credit:  Emma Zumsen
  1. Choose Good Fats

  2. Plan According to the Length of Your Trip

  3. Prep Fresh, Whole Foods in Individual Portions

  4. Pick Some Protein

  5. Remember to Check for Fiber

  6. Make Sure Snacks are Easy to Eat on the Run

  7. Don’t Forget Nourishing and Hydrating Beverages

Traveling doesn’t have to derail a wholesome diet. With these tips and products, you can stay on track wherever your adventures take you.

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Petra Canan Trudell

Petra Canan Trudell

Petra is an American freelance writer living in Tokyo and writes about nutrition, wellness and popular culture. Petra is passionate about food, travel and the arts. After training in ballet for more than a decade, her healthy living philosophy is that it's best to keep everything in moderation for balance and well-being. She also documents her life as an expat living in Japan on her blog,