Picking the Right Extracurricular For Your Kid

April 23, 2015  |   Petra Canan Trudell
3 cute kids dressed up for a track meet.
  1. Start the Conversation

  2. Dig a Little Deeper

  3. Ask Questions

  4. Consider the Commitment

  5. Keep Health a Priority

  6. Set Realistic Expectations

Extracurricular activities and sports can help your child grow and mature while serving as a way to bring the entire family together. Let your little one shine and they’ll have memories and skills to last a lifetime.

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Petra Canan Trudell

Petra Canan Trudell

Petra is an American freelance writer living in Tokyo and writes about nutrition, wellness and popular culture. Petra is passionate about food, travel and the arts. After training in ballet for more than a decade, her healthy living philosophy is that it's best to keep everything in moderation for balance and well-being. She also documents her life as an expat living in Japan on her blog, 100tacks.com.