Guide To Good-For-You, Kid-Friendly NYC Restaurants

Oct. 25, 2015  |   Petra Canan Trudell

Finding restaurant options that are family-friendly, nutritious and appetizing to young ones can be tricky, especially in a city that boasts thousands of options. We’ve done the work for you; read on to find our top eight picks for restaurants that offer kid-friendly menu items (many made with organic and locally sourced ingredients and meat from animals raised without added hormones or antibiotics), whatever your child’s culinary comfort level.

Note: Information provided is for general information only, and is based on information provided on individual restaurant’s websites. Check with them if you have specific dietary needs or concerns, and to verify their claims.

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Petra Canan Trudell

Petra Canan Trudell

Petra is an American freelance writer living in Tokyo and writes about nutrition, wellness and popular culture. Petra is passionate about food, travel and the arts. After training in ballet for more than a decade, her healthy living philosophy is that it's best to keep everything in moderation for balance and well-being. She also documents her life as an expat living in Japan on her blog,